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The Equality Office wishes to promote the gender equality principle within the associations’ field, and to increase the qualitative and quantitative participation of women in the decision making boards of GSEVEE and its members (unions and federations, both local and sectoral).

The Equality Office has the following sub-objectives:

  • Raising the percentage of women participating in the representative bodies of GSEVEE’s members (unions, sectoral and local federations, GSEVEE’s administrative bodies).
  • Raising the percentage of female self-employment and encouraging women undertake entrepreneurship initiatives in fields where they are under-represented (areas of innovation and new technologies).
  • Equal access to information, vocational training, and lifelong learning initiatives.
  • Empowering women in order to participate in the union movement.
  • Raising awareness and influencing public opinion.
  • In general, including the gender dimension in all actions and initiatives undertaken by GSEVEE.





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